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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Health Policy and a Pint: September 2009

September Topic: Truths about government run healthcare programs

Reid, TR “Five Myths About Healthcare in the Rest of the World”. Washington Post. 23 Aug 2009.


Kerr, DJ and Scott M “British Lessons on Healthcare Reform” New England Journal of Medicaine. 9 Sep 2009.


What really happens in countries that have government administered health care programs? Are these models better or worse than our current system? This month’s articles provide some an overview of how other industrialized countries provide health care to all of their citizens, and how that compares with the U .S. system.

Questions for discussion:

1. Are these models similar to the kind of health care system that you would want to work and live in? Why? What important elements would you like to see in place to meet the needs of your patients and your profession?

2. What are your greatest concerns about how health care is administered in the U.S.? Other countries? What are the most important things that a health care system should address? What are some ways that those concerns could be addressed?

3. Do you think that it’s important, as future physicians, to be well informed about the kinds of health care delivery systems in which you may find yourself working in? Have you heard some of these common myths circulating among your peers? How can you help to dispel these myths?

Want to get involved and take action?

Call your representatives in Congress and tell them what you, as a future physician, feel are the important components of healthcare reform. Enter your voting zip code at http://www.capwiz.com/ams/dbq/officials/ and get their contact information!

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