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Monday, August 17, 2009

August Topic: Health Care and American Values

Brett AS. “American Values” – A Smoke Screen in the Debate on Healthcare Reform. N Engl J Med 2009;361:440-441.


In the past couple of months, many arguments have been raised for or against different health reform proposals. As Dr. Brett notes, much of the rhetoric revolves around notions of “American Values” with a number of assumptions about what those values are. In this article, Dr Brett explores some of these assumptions and discusses why they are often misleading and erroneous.

Possible discussion topics:

1. What do you feel are true American Values in relation to healthcare reform? How would you propose to incorporate those into a reformed healthcare system?

2. Dr. Brett says “suppose that ‘freedom to choose’ is indeed the paramount American value relevant to healthcare.” He explores what “choice” might mean in this context. What does it mean to you? What sort of “freedom of choice” do you feel is appropriate in healthcare reform? How can that be achieved?

3. The article describes the desired goal of healthcare reform as being “efficient, cost-effective healthcare.” What does this mean? How can it best be achieved?

4. Do you feel patients should have the freedom to choose whatever tests or treatments they want? If so, how should they be paid for? If not, how should they be rationed?

5. What type of reform do you feel will help support the values you believe should exist in a healthcare system?

What you can do:

Call your representatives in Congress and tell them what you, as a future physician, feel are the important components of healthcare reform. Enter your voting zip code at http://www.capwiz.com/ams/dbq/officials/ and get their contact information!

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