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Friday, March 13, 2009

March: The National Convention Edition of Health Policy and a Pint

This month, we're discussing the role of medical students in the upcoming health care reform. As part of the convention's theme, "Win Back our Profession", we want to know what YOU think about medical professionals as political advocates.

Questions to Consider:
  • Is this a part of the new medical professionalism?
  • Is it appropriate for physicians to "take sides" in politics? How might this affect our patients who disagree with us politically?
  • When, if ever, does political involvement constitute an abuse of our influence as physicians?
  • What is the power of medical students to enact political change?
  • How can we best unite medical students behind a common goal?
  • What skills do we have? What are our resources?
  • How can we best use our power and skills to support meaningful reform?
If you missed convention this year, I hope you can discuss these topics at your home institutions. Check back for discussion from convention attendees!

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